“Tip” (Isabella x Emmett) another exceptional Upland Meadows Springer Spaniel. “This dog should have gone to someone that would’ve promoted him I’m not kennel blind in anyway. He is the real deal!! Didn’t contact you to brag just wanted to let you know what ur doing is working and we absolutely love this dog.”

Brad, I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying the pup you sold us. We named him Moose. He has turned into a really super dog. –Lou

“Tommy is off to an impressive start! I worked with him everyday last week and finally had a chance to introduce him to birds over the weekend. He really wasted no time finding his first pheasant. He is all business and very focused for a young dog. He patterned well and was very obedient to the whistle. He flushed birds in heavy cover and retrieved to hand every time. We have been out three times and scored 3 limits when many other hunters are coming up empty. Adjusting to the house has been smooth and he seems to be pretty much house broke…Can’t thank you enough for getting him off to a great start.”

Tommy is going great! At 35 pounds he is one of the fastest dogs I have ever seen. He is always under control and very obedient. –Paul

“Regarding the Springer puppy that I purchased from you almost two years ago…she’s the best hunter, best family dog and best partner I’ve ever know in a dog. Good job on that breeding…she’s perfect in the house…travels in our car to Kansas and back without a single whine of a complaint. I’ve owned five Springers in my life…this girl (Abby) is the best!                                                           – Dana

Our three year old is from Upland Meadows English Springer Spaniels stock, I highly recommend. Our pup was birdie from the day we brought him home, fantastic nose, great hunter and excellent all around companion. Brad knows how to match up breeding for excellent results.                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Andrew

We have been so happy with him. He sleeps in our bedroom on the floor. The past year we’ve given him free run of the house and have had no issues. I left of bag of jerky in a bag one day and he never touched it. He’s turning into a wonderful family member, great hunting dog and a nice trial dog. Really nice well rounded dog.                                                                                                   – Joe