Field bred English Springer Spaniel Puppies for sale

Upland Meadows English Springer Spaniels will have 2-3 litters of exceptional field bred Springer Spaniels puppies in 2021. To reserve a puppy, or to ask questions about possible breedings, please email We reserve the right to keep a puppy or puppies from any litter. Puppies are sold on a non-breeding contract.

Upland Meadow’s Let Son Shine “Sunny” x FC Whisky River Shot N Guinness

DOB: July 10, 2021

Puppies from this litter are $1,500

Males puppies are still available!

FC Whisky River Shot N Guinness

Guinness is trained and handled by Todd Stelzer at Whisky River Gun Dogs. Todd took 3rd with Guinness at last falls National Open Championship. Here is how Todd describes Guinness.

“Guinness is a beautiful black and white male weighing 50 lbs with an exceptional easy going, fun demeanor and temperament. He was whelped and trained at Whisky River Gun Dogs kennel. Guinness has an incredible nose, smelling birds much sooner than most dogs. He is also an excellent retriever, making incredibly long retrieves. When Guinness smells a bird he has a whole other gear and accelerates into the bird. He lives in the house and has the coveted on off switch. Guinness is one of the type of dogs we are all looking for. He just placed 3rd at the 2020 Open National Championship in Utah.”

Guinness Hips OFA Excellent

Upland Meadows Let Your Son Shine “Sunny”

More info coming soon!

Hips OFA Certified Excellent!
Sunny’s OFA Eye CERF
Sunny’s Puppy CERF exam


Upland Meadow’s Liberty’s Lady “Abby” x AFC Breaking Cattail’s You Can Come Home “Blaine”

Puppies from this litter are $1,200

Abby whelp 5 puppies, 1 female and 4 males, all liver & white. These pups will be ready to go home in late June.

As of June 7th we do have a male puppy available so please let us know if you are interested. You can reach us at

Our Abby x Blaine litter is likely to produce smaller spaniels with a great deal of drive, pace and enthusiasm. They are likely to be both exceptional bird finders and strong retrievers. They are both excellent and exciting to watch on moving roosters. They both love to train and although higher drive dogs have a biddable side to them.

Upland Meadow’s Liberty’s Lady “Abby”

  • Hips Certified OFA Good
  • PFK Deficiency Clear
  • PRA crd4/crd1 Clear

Abby is a smaller B/W females with lots of drive and pace. We call her our little rocket. Although she is very driven she also had a “biddable” side to her and takes to training well. She is out of a great blending of top US and UK field trial lines.

AFC Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home “Blaine”

  • Hips Certified OFA Excellent
  • PFK Deficiency Clear
  • PRA crd4/crd1 Clear

We are bred multiple females to “Blaine” with great success. The pups have all been very outgoing in the field, they do everything with a great deal of enthusiasm and have been strong bird finders and retrievers. I have had the opportunity to work with several of them and they were all cooperative and took to training very well.

We will be posting information on additional planned breeding’s in the near future.

For more current information on breeding’s and puppies please consider following