Upland Meadows English Springer Spaniels will have 1-2 litters of exceptional field bred Springer Spaniels puppies in 2020. To reserve a puppy, or to ask questions about possible breedings, please email mnspringerguy@gmail.com.

We are currently planning 1-2 litters for 2020. Although we have not yet finalized the pairings we are planning to breed the pairs listed below.

Upland Meadows Liberty Belle “Bell” x AFC Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home “Blaine”

“Bell” is a young beautiful liver and white spaniel. She is leggy with a medium sized frame and powerful build. Stockful of nature talent; she is a great retriever with a strong work ethic and desire to please. She has a somewhat softer temperament, but takes to training very well and is a joy to hunt over. she is honest and hard working but requires very little whistle.

“Blaine” is a liver and white spaniel.   He has a great noise, quarters naturally, and has an accelerating flush.  From the command “get out” Blaine is exciting to watch!  2019 was a great year for him, earning his Amateur Field Trial Champion Title and competing in the National Open Field Trial Championship alongside with two of his litter mates, including FC AFC Annie who was in a tight race for High Point dog in the nation.

I am anticipate this breeding to produce naturally talented spaniels who mature early, take well to training, and are bold yet manageable in the field.

To reserve your Bell x Blaine puppy contact mnspringerguy@gmail.com.

We are planning to breed either Sunny and/or Remme this winter or spring depending upon their “heat” cycles. Several studs are being considered, we have not yet determined who we will be using but will post information as those decisions have been made.

For more current information on breedings and puppies please consider following https://www.facebook.com/uplandmeadowsspaniels/.