Upland Meadows Skys The Limit “Remme”


Remme is a leggy but finer framed black and white field bred Springer Spaniel out our of second Mia x Emmett breeding.  Our first breeding between these exceptional spaniels produced pups which had an exceptional combination of natural talent and drive while being quick to learn and manageable.  Therefore, we decided to repeat the breeding and keep another pup.

While she has many of the same attributes in the field as her full sister, Sunny, she has a slightly thinner build (she is about 32 lbs) and somewhat more carefree attitude. Very flashy she lights up on game but also has a great off switch. She is always happy and eager to please, she loves everyone and everything.

Two of her full brother have attained their Field Champion or Amateur Field Champion titles!

FC Upland Meadows Parker

AFC Upland Meadows Alpine Angus “Gus”