Upland Meadows Liberty Bell “Belle”

Belle at one year old

Belle is a Sadie x Tommy puppy. Sadie is out of one of our breedings which blends some of the best bloodlines from the UK with some of our older “Upland Meadows” lines, which were exceptionally strong retrievers and very manageable in the field. Tommy is out of a Dam and Sire imported from some of the most successful field trial lines in the Uk. Our goal with this breeding was to produce highly talented pups with a lot drive yet cooperative and easy to handle.

Belle is a leggy liver and white female who is full of energy, drive and enthusiasm. She is very athletic and intelligent. She uses her nose well, is a strong natural retriever with a good mouth and delivery. She is probably the most cooperative spaniel I have ever worked with she has a very strong desire to please and to work cooperatively rather than independently. She has a very soft temperament and responds to even a change in your tone of voice. She requires very little correction, but encouragement is helpful.

Although she has a softer temperament, she takes to training very well. She is a very strong natural retriever handling multiple marks and blind retrieves well. She rarely if ever gives up on a retrieve, she doggedly works the area of the fall until she finds her retrieve or is called off the retrieve.

We have high expectations for Belle as a hunting dog, but also hope to run her in Hunt Tests or Field Trials as she matures.

Health Clearances:

Hips: OFA Good; PFK: Normal; AMS: Clear; PRA: Clear.

Upland Meadows Liberty Bell’s Pedigree