Started dogs

Upland Meadows offers our clients the option of purchasing puppies or young dogs with varying amount of training. Our started dogs are either ready or nearly ready to go hunting, or have had a solid foundation for field trial competition. Our “Started” dogs have a solid foundation in obedience and the skills needed to be successful in the field. They have been introduced to birds and the gun, they have been shot over and have typically had significant exposure to birds, mostly pigeons. Our started dogs range in price from $2,500 – $3,500.

Although many love the puppy stage, many no longer want to deal with all the challenges and training young puppies require and would prefer a talented young dog with much of the work already done. Started dogs are a very economical way of getting a dog ready to take hunting when compared to the cost of purchasing a quality puppy ($1,000 – $1,500), food, vet expenses and professional training costs.

Abbey (Sunny x Tommy)

DOB August 7, 2018

We are asking $2,600, pricing will increasing as training progresses. Abbey is available to field trial homes only.

Abbey is a pocket rocket! She is petite (27 lbs) but has has a ton of drive and is very flashy. She is an excellent bird finder, runs with pace, quarters nicely, and has a soft mouth. She lights up on game and is affectionate with a bold temperament. Although bold, she is quite responsive. Although I have used an e-collar on her, I often run her without a collar.

She handles correction well. Has been introduced to the e-collar, for minor correct, but has not been collar “conditioned.” She has been shot over many times with a Winchester 209A primer pistol, as well as, some with shotguns. She has had well over 100 live bird contacts, mostly clipped wing pigeons, with a few fliers as well.

Abbey’s temperament is very similar to her Dam Sunny’s. Both are very driven in the field, yet calm and affectionate away from the field. They are calm and quiet in a crate, dog run or house; easy to live with spaniels, the kind we strive to produce.

Abbey has all the tools to be a field trial competitor. Although she is small her drive and boldness more than make up for her smaller stature.

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