Introduced Dogs

Our “introduced” dogs are younger dogs typically still puppies, 4-6 months old, that have had some basic obedience and field training. These pups typically come to the whistle, sit on the whistle while on a lead, are generally retrieving to hand and may have been introduced to birds and gunfire. We typically offer “introduced” puppies for between $1,500 – $2,400.

Josie (Remme x Pepper) DOB 3/31/2019

We are offering Josie for $1,800 on a non-breeding limited registration.

Josie eager for work!

Josie is a 6 month old beautiful b/w female Springer Spaniel puppy who is athletic, outgoing and bold while having a cooperative temperament. She has a great deal of intensity yet is very manageable and takes to training quickly. She is a strong marker and uses her nose well. She takes to training quickly and requires little correction.

She is leggy and lean female who is likely to mature into a medium sized dog. Her Dam maintained a fairly thin build (32 lbs) until about 3 years old and than filled out into a medium sized female (about 38 lbs)

She has received basic obedience training, is steady to thrown bumpers and retrieves to hand. She is crate trained but not house trained. We have introduced her to pigeon’s, including clipped wings, which she handles well. We have done a limited amount of work quartering in the field with her. She has been shot around and shows no nervousness towards gun fire.

She is up to date on her shots and has been on Heartgard and NexGard. She also passed her CERF exam, the form is shown below.

See pedigree below.

Josie’s pedigree

Josie’s CERF Eye Exam

For more information on our “introduced” pups, please email or call 763-221-288.

Joey (Sunny x Kota)

DOB 6/16/2019 — Asking $1,500 for Joey on a non-breeding registration. Pricing will increase as training progresses.

Joey is a tall leggy male who is very outgoing and personable. He has a great temperament; bold, outgoing, affectionate, quiet and clean. He is a strong natural retriever who generally delivers to hand, is athletic and fast but hasn’t yet fully grown into his lanky frame.

His sire is a solidly built 50 lb spaniel, based upon is lankly frame, I would anticipate he will mature into that 50 lb range.

By 8 weeks old her was retrieving dead pigeons. He has been exposed to gunshot without any nervousness. He seems to take everything in stride and maintains his happy go lucky demeanor.

Joey’s Pedigree
Joey’s CERF Exam results

For more information on our “introduced” pups, please email or call 763-221-288.