Introduced Dogs

Our “introduced” dogs are younger dogs typically still puppies, 6-12 months old, that have had some basic obedience and field training. These pups typically come to the whistle, sit on the whistle while on a lead, are generally retrieving to hand and have have been introduced to birds and gunfire. We typically offer “introduced” puppies for between $2,500 – $3,500.

Breeze (Remme x Pepper) DOB 3/31/2019 — (SOLD)

Breeze is a beautiful young l/w female Springer Spaniel. She has an athletic medium sized frame and is likely to mature in the high 30’s to low 40 lb range. She has a softer temperature with a strong desire to please. A very personable dog, she seeks interaction with the handler rather than being independent. She responds well to praise and encouragement, but does not handle physical correction well. Although being a softer dog and maturing more slowly than some of my spaniels, she has become a very nice dog to work with. She enjoys training and learns quickly.

Breeze has been introduced to pigeon’s and gunfire and handles them well. Due to the winter weather, we have been doing mostly yard work the past couple months, to which she has responded well. She is showing a strong nose and good marking skills. In the field she hunts at a medium pace and within gun range. She would be well suited for someone looking for a talented hunting dog, who is going to find birds, yet is easier to handle then some more “hard going” dogs. I think she would respond better to being a house dog than a kennel dog, as she is very personable and seeks human interaction.

She is up to date on her shots and has been on Heartgard and NexGard. She also passed her CERF exam, the form is shown below.

Puppy pictures of Breeze

See pedigree below.

Breeze’s pedigree

Breeze passed her CERF eye exam!

For more information on our “introduced” pups, please email or call 763-221-288.

For more information on our “introduced” pups, please email or call 763-221-288.