Upland Meadows Field Bred Springer Spaniels

Upland Meadows Cute as a Button exceptional field bred english springer spaniel

FC Upland Meadows Cute as a Button – a strong field trial competitor.

Breeders of:

FC Upland Meadows Cute as a Button                                                             

FC Upland Meadows Isabella                                                                                 

AFC Upland Meadows Alpine Angus “Gus”                                                           

FC Upland Meadows Parker

We are a small breeder of field bred English Springer Spaniels, which we believe are the ultimate upland hunting dogs due to their drive, bird finding, retrieving ability, and temperament. Our focus is on continually improving the breed and providing our clients with field trial and hunt test dogs, hunting companions, and house dogs that are inspirational in the field, yet a joy to have in the house.

A spaniel is first and foremost a hunter, a seeker of game, we continually strive to produce dogs who are exceptional bird finders, have natural hunting ability, and great temperaments.  However, although our goal is to produce bird finders first and foremost, we strongly believe that a quality spaniel should also be a talented marker and retriever and we will not breed dogs who lack retrieving drive.  We do not “force break” any of our breeding stock and expect that the puppies we provide will be both strong bird producers and retrievers.

As mentioned above, we put a high priority on improving the breeding and making sure that we produce puppies that mature into dogs that are exceptionally talented in the field. Our pups are breed for the field trialer, hunt test competitor, or discriminating hunter. So, although we put a great deal of emphasis upon the talents and drive of the dogs we produce, we are also looking for balance.  Most of the dogs we place are full time house dogs, we want to produce companions that are a joy in the house.  We also want to produce dogs that learn quickly and are eager to please and work with you in the field.

If you are looking for an exceptional field trial competitor, hunt test dog, or hunting companion, we would love to have the opportunity to tell you about our dogs.

Please see our puppies page for information about upcoming litters. 

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